Sally's Apizza in New Haven Gets New Owners

After being in business for nearly 80 years, Sally's Apizza in New Haven is under new ownership.

In March, a Connecticut Appellate Court allowed the Consiglio family to move forward with the sale of the iconic restaurant on the corner of Wooster and Olive streets. A lawsuit was filed against the family from a local bidder.

"He found that no contract existed whereby the Consiglio siblings were obligated in any way shape or form to sell the restaurant to Carmine Capasso," the Consiglio's attorney, Hugh Keefe, said in March.

The restaurant has new owners, however, the Consiglio family will continue to manage the restaurant, Keefe said on Thursday.

After Flo Consiglio, the wife of Sally’s founder Salvatore “Sally” Consiglio, passed away five years ago, the children decided to put the family business up for sale.

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