Sally's Apizza Owners to Sell Iconic Pizza Restaurant

Sally’s Apizza has been a staple on Wooster Street for decades, but soon the family-run restaurant will be changing hands.

"They’ve had it in their family since 1938," said Colin Caplan, a local historian who is writing a book about New Haven pizza.

When The New Haven Register reported Sally’s was for sale, it got a lot of pizza lovers worried about what would happen to their favorite pizza spot.

"The story about them selling it, just it really got to me. I’ve been coming here every week, since then," said Caplan.

New Haven is famous for its pizza and the long-time battle between which Wooster Street pizza is best: Sally’s or Pepe’s Pizza? Pepe’s co-owner Gary Bimonte says his family just heard the news of a pending sale. Some don’t know this, but the families who own Pepe’s and Sally’s are relatives.

"The family wishes them well. They are our cousins, and there’s no animosity between the families, so we just wish them well," said Bimonte.

Even the Mayor is hoping that the Wooster Street staple will stay in the same hands.

"There will be a sense that Sally’s has changed, even if the name remains the same, so we’re hoping that they’ll continue to stay in New Haven, because they are part of our really strong history and culture in this town," said New Haven Mayor Toni Harp.

According to Sally's attorney, Hugh Keefe, the restaurant will remain an iconic part of New Haven, but negotiations are in the works, and Sally’s is close to closing a deal that would mean new ownership for the long-time pizza restaurant.

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