Salon Owners Ask for Guidance, More Time Before Reopening

Salon owners are waiting to see what the state will require to allow them to reopen.

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Salon owners like Pam Proulx, owner of Hair Crew in Stafford Springs are counting down the two weeks until they can reopen, but for now they're preparing without specific guidance from the state.

“We need time to get it that it’s not the easiest thing if they’re saying you have to provide the masks for everybody that walks in,” Pam Proulx, owner of Hair Crew in Stafford Springs said.

Proulx says she plans to open on May 20 if the state gives the green light. She already bought PPE including face shields and masks for herself and her workers. She hopes to learn soon if the state will require that she buy any additional equipment for reopening.

“First step right now has to be that we need more time,” Odete DaSilva, owner of Artistex Salon & Spa said.

DaSilva wants her customers to know she wants to reopen, but says its simply too soon.

DaSilva says salon owners need guidance from the state on how to properly put on and dispose of PPE along with sanitation guidelines.

“Some people are maybe going to wrap their brushes rather than keep them in a specific container. Where are we storing these brushes until they can be cleaned first and then disinfected and then sterilization?" DaSilva asked, offering an example of the concerns.

DaSilva is part of a petition-nearly 5,000 people strong asking state leaders to delay the reopening of salons instead of putting them in Phase One.

Gov. Ned Lamont’s office said Wednesday it expects to release reopening guidance for salons later this week. These salon owners ready to get back to business but with more direction.

“If they give the go-ahead I’ll go but I’m not going to be able to go at full force like before,” Proulx said.

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