Salvation Army Here to Help CT Families in Need of Food, Emotional Support

A spokesperson for the regional Salvation Army said that since the coronavirus crisis started, they've helped feed hundreds of residents and they know there are many more seeking help, not just for hunger.

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As we approach a holiday weekend and unemployment numbers continue to rise because of the coronavirus crisis, the Salvation Army is seeing a huge need for help and expects the need to grow.

Since the end of March, the Salvation Army said they have supplied more than 4,300 bags of food, 500 boxes, and nearly 600 meals to those in Connecticut and Rhode Island.

“What we’re finding is just like the grocery stores, the demands are so high that we’re just not able to keep up as well as we’d like to," said Major Carl Avery, Divisional Secretary at The Salvation Army Southern New England Division out of Hartford.

While they have about two dozen locations around Connecticut, Major Avery said they are working on streamlining their services to keep their staff and employees safe and because they anticipate to see even more people in need.

They said they are thankful for local governments and food services for helping them help others during this difficult time.

“Their normal support structures are not there and so even small things that we’re able to do for them relieves some of the pressures on their lives, on their families, and it really makes a difference to them,”
 said Major Avery.

If you want to help, the Salvation Army says monetary donations are the safest option right now.

Or, you can volunteer if you're in a population less at risk to get the virus.

If you're in need of help, Major Avery said contact your local Salvation Army or call 2-1-1 to find out the best resource in your area.

He said the organization has also just created a countrywide emotional and spiritual hotline for anyone who needs someone to talk to: 844-458-HOPE.

While we need to stay socially separated as a community right now, the local the Salvation Army wants you to know there's a group of people finding unique ways to come together to help their neighbors in need.

“People need to reach out. If they’re struggling themselves, they can call their local Salvation Army. Someone would be happy to talk to them and encourage them and supply needs as we’re able,” Avery said.

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