Sandy Hook Commission Invites Families to Speak

The Sandy Hook Advisory Commission announced today that it will hold a public hearing in the coming weeks in an effort to learn new information about the tragic school shootings before releasing its final recommendations and report. 

Commission members said they feel they're missing testimony from some families and will do “anything we can do to make sure their voice are heard,” according to commission member Kathleen Flaherty.

The panel of experts is looking at policy and procedure, especially when it comes to things like school safety and mental health.

“No one has been through more than the families. And even though we have extended invitations, I think we have an obligation to reach back out, not only to the families, but also the stakeholders,” said commission chairman Scott Jackson.

The commission plans to hold the public hearing within the next few weeks to avoid the time around the second anniversary of the shootings. It will likely take place in Newtown, although an exact location has yet to be determined.

“I would encourage us to work with and notify the town’s public officials because I think it’s incredibly important that they’re aware of what our goals are,” said Chris Lyddy.

Prior to the hearing, the commission plans to release a list of its initial recommendations for comment. The commission has not established a timeline as to when it will release its final report.

Neil Heslin and Nelba Marquez-Greene, the parents of two children killed in the 2012 school shooting, were originally expected to address the commission on Friday but did not attend the meeting.

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