Sandy Hook Students to Use Monroe School

The children will go to class at Chalk Hill School, according to Monroe's Superintendent.

Students in Newtown will return to class on Tuesday, but the children of Sandy Hook Elementary will not be returning to the scene of Friday's massacre anytime soon.

They will be moved to the former Chalk Hill Middle School in Monroe but are excused until further notice, local police said on Monday morning.

“The healing is still going on,” Lt. George Sinko, of Newtown police, said. “The schools are working very closely with all the faculty, students and parents to try to be respectful, try to resume what normalcy we can after a tragedy such as this.”

All the faculty is meeting on Monday at Newtown High School to plan further on best addressing the needs of the students and faculty involved in the tragedy.

“There will be no school today,” Sinko said on Monday. “The plan is to try to resume normalcy for school classes tomorrow, except for those members at the Sandy Hook School. They will be excused, of course, until further notice and they’re developing plans on how to be handle that.”

Newtown school officials have consulted with Monroe about using a school there for children from Sandy Hook School, according to Monroe Superintendent Jim Agostine.

"Newtown will be using Chalk Hill School beginning this week," Agostine said in a post on the Monroe Public Schools website. "It is important that the Sandy Hook students get back to school quickly in an environment that is familiar and safe. We recognize that everyone would like to lend a helping hand, but we have been asked to hold back until the Newtown staff is settled and they can direct our efforts."

Hundreds of workers have been in the building to open it back up for public use, according to Lt. Brian H. McCauley, of the Monroe Police Department.

Chalk Hill was a middle school and the furniture is being moved out and will be replaced with furniture appropriate for elementary school students, Lt. Brian McCauley said. That furniture will include desks from the former Sandy Hook Elementary School.

A police officer will be stationed in each Monroe school to reassure parents, according to Agostine.

Lt. Paul Vance, of Connecticut State Police, said Sandy Hook Elementary School will be closed for months. 

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