Saturday is Valen-Slime’s Day


For many couples, Valentine’s Day will be filled with heart-shaped candies and romantic candlelit dinners for two, but for others, the day will be filled only with suspicion and deceit. 

The time of year when most are celebrating love and romance is also the time when infidelity in relationships reaches its peak, says private investigator Vito Colucci Jr.
Colucci, who has worked as an investigator in Stamford for 21 years, says Valentine’s week is the busiest of the year for him and his staff.
In his experience, most couples are expected to spend the actual holiday with their spouses, so the day before - which he refers to as “Valen-slimes Day,” is typically when many lovers plan to meet.
Monitoring computer usage and cell-phone bills is one way to check up on your suspicions, he says.
If a spouse is going to the gym more often or seems to be putting more effort into his or her dress and overall physical appearance, it might also be a sign.
Ruth Houston, founder of and author of the book, “Is He Cheating on You?-829 Telltale Signs,” claims that 50 to 70 percent of Americans have significant others who are unfaithful.
Some of her telltale signs to look for on Valentine’s Day include the following:
  1. Hidden gifts in the back of the closet that you don’t receive
  2. A receipt for two of the same gift. (Cheaters will often buy the same gift for a spouse and a lover.)
  3. Thank you notes to or from your mate that you do not know about
  4. Restaurant or hotel receipts or credit card charges around Valentine’s Day that you know nothing about
Houston says that while these might be indicators of infidelity, suspicious husbands and wives should not outright accuse their spouses based on this information alone.
Colucci says that while 60 percent of infidelity investigations are men wanting to spy on their wives, women tend to be more in touch with their suspicions.
“Women have a 6th sense that men don’t have,” he says, adding that nine out of 10 times, women come to him to investigate their husbands out of mere speculation, they are correct. 

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