Bradley International Airport

Saw Found at Bradley Airport Makes TSA's List of 10 Most Unusual Finds of 2019

Electical saw found at Bradley Airport

Bradley International Airport is included in the Transportation Security Administration’s Top 10 list of most unusual finds from security checkpoints in 2019.

The TSA on Friday released the list and it says that an electrical circular saw seized at Bradley Airport was sixth on the list.  

The TSA said a traveler showed up at the Bradley International Airport checkpoint in early spring with an electric circular power saw.

The problem is that TSA doesn’t allow any tools larger than seven inches on an airplane.

Anyone with tools larger than seven inches can put it in a checked bag, put it back in their vehicle, hand it off to someone who is not traveling or mail it to their destination or home if the airport has a mailing center, according to TSA.

The other option is to voluntarily surrender it to TSA and that is what happened to the saw at Bradley.

Prohibited items that are surrendered at the checkpoints nationwide are picked up by the state and sold and the state keeps the profit, according to TSA.

Learn what you can bring on a plane on the TSA website.

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