Say It Ain't So, Chuckles!

He lived a remarkable life.  “Arnie”, as he was known to his friends, never let adversity get in his way.  He overcame injuries sustained when he was hit by a car at three days old.  During his 12 years on this earth, Connecticut Chuckles VI rose to prominence as the official state groundhog.

In a career modeled on that of his friend Punxatawney Phil, Arnie would predict the coming of spring each year by whispering in the ear of the mayor of Manchester, Connecticut.  Television news crews from across the state would eagerly wait for his word.

“He retired from his official duties in February 2009,” reports the saddened staff at the Lutz Children’s Museum, his home since that tragic accident.

He was succeeded in February by Molly, who despite her grief, promised to carry on in his footsteps.  In a statement released by the Lutz, Molly said simply: “He taught me everything I know.”

Arnie is survived by the staff of the Bolton Veterinary Hospital, which provided care throughout his life. 

In lieu of flowers, the museum would just like to recognize the Highland Park Market for the endless supply of bananas – Arnie’s favorite treat.

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