Credit Card Scam Strikes

Berlin police say someone may be trying to rip you off over the phone.

After getting more than 60 complaints from residents, Berlin police are warning people about a new phone scam. 

Here's how it works: People receive an automated call stating that there is a fraud alert and their MasterCard credit card was canceled. They are then asked to enter their credit card number. 

When Sheri Dejesus got a phone call Wednesday, she had no idea she was on the other end of a phone scam.
"I got a recording that said it was Chief Financial calling. My credit card had been temporarily suspended. They had suspected fraudulent use, and that if I wanted to talk to one of their security specialists to hold on the line," said Sheri Dejesus.
After she was put on hold for four minutes and didn't get an answer, she began to wonder.
"They continually asked me about four or five times to put in my 16-digit card number, which obviously I didn't do, I just hung up," she said.

Several would-be victims called their credit card companies and found out that it was a hoax. Even the Berlin Police Department received the scam phone call. 

Police don't know where the calls are coming from, but said they came from several different areas of the country.

To make sure you avoid falling victim to the scam, never release your personal or financial information over the phone.

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