Shoreline Towns Targeted by Phone Scammers

Authorities say scammers are targeting two communities on the shoreline.

On Monday night, phones were buzzing in Old Saybrook with apparently bogus requests for donations to the fire department.

“The people on the phone started becoming very rude and pushy, saying no, they’re accepting donations over the phone. Please give us a credit card,” said Chief Joseph Johnson, Old Saybrook Fire.

In New Haven, police say several people reported receiving a call from someone claiming to be an officer.

That apparently fake cop left a message saying they were looking to serve a warrant for jury duty or a subpoena.

In most cases they said money would be needed.

New Haven Police provided their recording of what people heard when they called back: “Hello. You have reached the New Haven Police Department. We are located at 26 Charles Street, New Haven.”

During the message, which is similar to the actual one used by the department, police say people could chose an option that likely would lead to the scammer answering.

New Haven police say they do not ask for money for warrants, subpoenas or anything like that.

And in Old Saybrook, the fire chief reminds people to be alert.

“The fire department does not solicit any donations via phone calls,” said Chief Johnson.

The fire chief says when they do fundraising there is an annual mailer that goes out to people in town.

Anyone who receives one of these strange calls should contact police.

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