Ansonia High School Bus Hit by Air Gun Pellets: Police

An Ansonia High School bus was hit by what appears to be a pellet gun on Friday afternoon, police said.

Police were called to assess damage done to two windows on a school bus driving on North State Street around 2 p.m.

There were no injuries reported and police were able to determine that the windows were shot with pellet guns, Ansonia Police said.

NBC Connecticut spoke exclusively to a student on board the bus when it happened.

“As soon as the kids got off the bus, a pellet gun hit the window I was sitting across from,” Kevin Jeanpaul, a junior at Ansonia High School said.

Jeanpaul said he ducked for cover as soon as he saw the window was shattered.

“They were cracked,” Jeanpaul said. “It was pretty bead because the pellet gun went through both sides.”

The incident on the bus happened just days after a school threat on social media in Ansonia shut down schools across the district. There has been heightened security at the schools ever since.

“Here we go again,” parent Elizabeth Harris said. “Before it’s threatening a school and now it’s a pellet gun. Come on, these kids do not deserve this.”

The bus was heading towards the intersection of State Street when the incident occurred, police said. The high school students were put onto another bus following the incident.

Officers were unable to locate the suspects and they ask anyone with information to call (203) 735-1885.

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