Driver Injured When School Bus Crashes Into House in Meriden

A bus driver was injured when a school bus slammed into a house on Maple Avenue in Meriden Friday.

The crash happened at a home on Maple Avenue near East Main Street. The bus hit with such force it smashed through a wall and caused damage to the roof.

The bus driver was injured and taken to Hartford Hospital, but the extent of the injuries were not immediately clear.

“It’s pretty unbelievable. You know it’s a surreal thing,” said Meriden resident Maureen Caramanello.

Caramanello and her granddaughter were among those checking out the incredible scene on Maple Avenue after hearing about the crash earlier in the day.

“I thought of the grandkids first of all. She does take the bus and so does our grandson,” Caramanello said. Caramanello’s grandchildren weren’t on the bus.

The bus was transporting students from Mercy and Xavier high schools in Middletown. The 11 students that were on the bus at the time of the crash were unharmed reunited with their parents, officials said.

There was no one in the home at the time, but there is severe damage to the building. The owner of the home told NBC Connecticut they’re still trying to determine how bad the damage is and when or if they’ll be able to return home.

The bus company, Durham School Services, said the crash is under investigation.

Police are still investigating the cause.

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