School Districts Already Planning to Make Up Snow Days

Dozens of school districts across the state have experienced a high number of cancellations because of the weather, and they are already planning how they’re going to make up for that missed time. Schools in eastern Connecticut, primarily, were the most impacted, and the call to cancel school can take a toll on parents.

“If you don’t go to work, your boss is mad at you, even though you’ve got kids and have to stay home because of a snow day,” Pete Manoogian said while taking his children to Mary Fisher Elementary in Thompson. “It’s rough. We have it easy because their mom’s home all the time.”

So far this academic year, Thompson, Pomfret and Woodstock Academy have cancelled seven school days. Ashford, Killingly and Putnam have cancelled six.

School leaders in Thompson, Pomfret, Putnam and at Woodstock Academy are planning to take away a vacation day on Feb. 20, as well as staying in session during a professional development day on March 9 - except Putnam. Thompson and Pomfret are also making half-days, full.

Jenn Tetreault, who was also dropping off her daughter at Mary Fisher Elementary, doesn’t mind the changes.


“They were going to be half-days, so it’s OK. It’s just a few extra hours,” Tetreault said.

The changes aren’t enough to make up the difference. Each school district will also have to add days at the end of the year.

The problem of cancellations began earlier than the snow this winter. Severe weather and wind in October brought several trees down onto power lines, forcing the schools to close for several days.

Thompson’s superintendent of schools said the goal is to make up missed days without dipping into April break or the summer.

Mari-Beth Paquette, a parent, agrees.

“It think it’s totally fine. It’s better than them dragging it out into the summer,” she said.

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