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School Districts Keep Eye on Snow Forecast

It’s the winter time alert Lewis S. Mills High students in Burlington pine after all school year.

“By 4:30 a.m. we need to make a decision,” Alan Beitman, Superintendent of Regional School District #10 said.

So much so they’ve made these stickers with their favorite snow day announcement from Superintendent Alan Beitman. Beitman will tell you there’s a process to seeing what sticks and making the call.

“We’ll start about 4 o’clock in the morning with telephone calls. The two highway departments, two police departments, state police and get an idea of the conditions of the road,” Beitman said.

Beitman considers the conditions for the nearly 200 first time junior and senior drivers and the 30 buses that pick up 2,500 students.

“With us being a rural community, we’ve got back roads with trees, live wires, branches that come down and given our altitude, we’ve got tremendous icing conditions,” Beitman said.

Considerations all made by 5:30 in the morning.

“When something happens everything blows up at the house. Text messages, the house phone goes off, the cell phone goes off,” Matt Pons said.

Bristol Dad Matt Pons appreciates an early heads up.

“The past couple of years that we were having bad storms, they would let us know the night before, which is something that they didn’t typically do in the past so that helps parents plan better for their work day the next day,” Pons said.

An advanced notification helps parents like Jennifer Cyr plan their time out the door when there’s more winter gear to put on.

“You have to get up, you have to get them ready. When they're toddlers, they like to kick their shoes off, their pants off, when you’re trying to get them on,” Cyr said.

Beitman says he’s working with areas superintendents and they are already talking about canceling Thursday night activities. He will start making that decision whether to delay the school day Friday in the early morning hours. Parents and students should get that notification by 5:30 Friday morning.

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