School Drops Church Graduation Appeal

enfield aclu graduation church

It wasn't the decision most people in the crowd wanted, but the Enfield School Board still voted 5 to 4 not to appeal a federal judge's decision that barred the town from holding its two high school graduations in a Bloomfield Church.
The controversy started when two high school seniors from Enfield and three adult family members filed a lawsuit with the American Civil Liberties Union that their constitutional rights were being violated.
"I don't doubt that it's not a wonderful place," explained board member Donna Szewczak who voted against an appeal. "I think we need to get on and do what we need to do."
The school board meeting was held in a filled gymnasium and Henry Barnard Elementary School in Enfield. Most of the people in the crowd were urging the school board to appeal.  "A vote should have been taken instead of 2 students and 3 parents that got together," remarked Jory Langley of Enfield.
The plaintiffs in the lawsuit have asked to remain anonymous but there were people who showed up at the meeting who supported their claims.  "I don't believe that in order to watch my child graduate that I should have to go into a church," said Jennifer Bruyett.
The decision was only on whether to appeal the judge's injunction. The lawsuit against the school board remains in the courts.

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