School Forgoes Prom King and Queen for Non-Gender-Specific Titles

There will be no prom king or queen at Woodstock Academy in Woodstock this year after transgender students questioned which category they would fall into. 

Six or seven Woodstock Academy students are transgender and school administrators met with students in charge of the prom after the question came up to see how they wanted to proceed. 

The decision was to forgo the titles of prom king and prom queen and instead vote on non-gender specific “top Centaurs” in a nod to the school mascot. 

The headmaster said the school traditionally lists all the boys on one side of a piece of paper and the girls on the other and the students vote for a boy to be prom king and a girl to be queen of prom. 

However, the transgender students do not identify with the gender of their birth. 

While the prom titles are something new for the school, Woodstock Academy had transgender bathrooms years before transgender bathrooms were at the center of national news and politics.

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