School Funding Walk-In Protests Happening Across Connecticut

Parents, teachers and students who are concerned about how public schools are funded are holding walk-ins at schools in Connecticut today, as well as across the nation, in protest and to call on leaders to better fund the schools.

The nearly 200 walk-ins nationwide are sponsored by a national organization called the Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools, which is pushing back against the so-called privatization of the nation’s public school systems, limited funding, an over-emphasis on standardized tests and zero tolerance disciplinary procedures.

"We would like to begin the conversation with the governor and the legislature to take a look at how we fund education," Peter Borofsky, a teacher at Rockville High School in Vernon, said. "Let's look for a common-sense approach to how we can better the opportunities for students in Connecticut."

Last month a judge ruled that the way Connecticut funds its public schools is unconstitutional and said differences in funding among districts in wealthier and poorer towns led to achievement gaps.

The attorney general has appealed the decision.

"Equal is not synonymous with equitable," Sheila Cohen, president of the Connecticut Education Association, said. 

Gov. Dannel Malloy's issued a statement.

“Like the students, teachers and parents raising their voices today, Governor Malloy believes that the time to act is now. We have been presented with an opportunity to seriously address the issue of fair funding in our educational system. We must have this dialogue together so we can continue to improve outcomes for our students,” Malloy said in a statement.

This is the third round of walk-ins this year after similar events in February and May.

Walk-ins are happening at Rockville High School, as well as in West Haven, Meriden and Bridgeport.

In Vernon, around 100 people are expected to participate and hold signs that say “stop underfunding our schools.”

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