School, Police Investigate Racist Video in Southington

Southington school officials and Southington police are both investigating a racist video allegedly made by a Southington High School student.

School superintendent Timothy Connellan set a letter about the video to parents district-wide on Thursday.

"The video in question contains racially inappropriate and highly charged language," Connellan said in the letter.

The video also contained language "implying the support of violence against people of color," he said.

Investigators said the person who made the video is a student. It was shared in a private chat room before another person then sent it out publicly, according to police.

Police said they are investigating to determine if there is a criminal aspect to the message in the video. No charges have been filed.

Superintendent Connellan told NBC Connecticut he found the whole situation offensive and it is not representative of the district.

"The whole thing quite honestly was offensive to me, was hugely offensive and as I said its one student out of about 2,100 students at Southington High School,” he said.

In a letter to the school community, he said the investigation could lead to disciplinary action by the school district.

"Please note that the Southington Public Schools do not condone, support or tolerate the type of language or behavior demonstrated in the video.  Any student in the Southington Public Schools District whose behavior is shown to be seriously disruptive of the educational process will experience disciplinary consequences consistent with Board of Education policy and regulations and the applicable state and federal statutes and regulations," he said.

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