Schools Deciding How To Make Up Snow Days


Portland High School and Middle School students haven't had a full day of school in nearly two weeks.  "We just want to school again really," said Alexis Glazewski, a junior at Portland High.

Middle and High School students haven't been in school since Friday afternoon, when cracks were found in the walls of the high school cafeteria.

The good news is the roof has now been cleared of snow and engineers deemed the buildings safe, so students will return to class Wednesday.

But in some ways, the damage is already done. Younger students in Portland have missed eight days of school this year, while Middle and High School students have lost a total of 10.

"This has been a completely unique year for everybody. It's been really disruptive obviously," said Portland Board of Education Chairperson Christopher Phelps.

At a special Board of Education meeting Tuesday night, Portland became the latest Connecticut school to cancel its three-day February vacation, to make up snow days.

The question then became: should April vacation be cut too?  "I'm hoping we still have that break, otherwise we'll just keep plowing through school until June," said Portland Junior Kevin Paley.

It's a question being debated in school districts around the state.

After much back and forth between board members, Portland decided to add the necessary days to the end of the school year, until they've reached June 22.

If any more snow days are needed, they would cut days out of April vacation, starting with the beginning of the week, Monday, April 18.

It's a resolution, but not a solution for some.  "I don't agree with the resolution I think they should pick a graduation date and stick with it," said Renee Paley, Kevin's mom.

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