Schools Investigating ‘Belligerent, Racist' Actions by Adults at Girls Basketball Game

Basketball Hoop
NBC Connecticut

Two Connecticut high schools are investigating allegations of racist comments and negative behavior by adult fans at a girls basketball game.

The game was played Saturday between Colchester's Bacon Academy and Ledyard High School. The game was played at Ledyard High.

According to Ledyard Superintendent Jason Hartling, several adult spectators from Bacon Academy “exhibited unacceptable behaviors that are not aligned with our values or expectations.”

After several warnings, one adult spectator was escorted from the school, Hartling said.

In a statement, Hartling said their investigation discovered that at the end of the game additional spectators from Bacon Academy acted in a “belligerent manner and others made statements of a racist nature.”

Colchester Superintendent Jeffrey Burt said the school district was actively investigating the incident and that he is working closely with Ledyard school officials to determine what happened.

“Interscholastic sporting events are times to showcase teamwork and sportsmanship,” said Burt. “The Colchester Public School system has no tolerance for any abusive behavior directed at our students or students from other schools."

Ledyard police were called to the scene. No arrests were made.

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