SCSU Student Claims Professor Sexually Harassed Her

Wendy Wyler filed a lawsuit on Friday.

 A student at Southern Connecticut State University claims in a federal lawsuit that her music professor sexually harassed her, and that the college failed to fire him after substantiating her claims.

Wendy Wyler alleges in the lawsuit filed on Friday that David Chevan engaged in harassment that began with comments, such as calling her "sexy," and escalated to him leading her into a small storage room and propositioning her. She said she became fearful, anxious and depressed, dropping classes and her participation in bands.

The lawsuit says the university's office of diversity and equity programs concluded that Chevan violated the sexual harassment policy.

It cites a university report that said Chevan told an investigator he wasn't trying to become emotionally intimate with Wyler and was only acting as her therapist.

The university and Chevan declined to comment to the Associated Press.

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