Search Continues for ‘Highly Aggressive' Beefalo on the Loose in Plymouth

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Police in Plymouth continue to search for a beefalo that's on the loose after escaping from a meat processing facility around two weeks ago, and it was captured on home surveillance Wednesday.

The animal was seen somewhere in the area of Route 72 and Judd Road in the Terryville section of Plymouth. Home surveillance shows the animal still roaming Wednesday evening.

Police said the beefalo, a cross between bison and domestic cattle, came from a farm in Becket, Massachusetts and escaped a meat processing facility in Plymouth, Connecticut around two weeks ago. 

The beefalo is about 2,000 pounds and can be highly aggressive, police warned.

It was not a public safety concern when the beefalo was in the woods, but it became one when it was seen near a major thoroughfare.

Police warn that there is a public safety concern and they are asking everyone traveling in the area to use caution and not approach the animal. Their aim is to capture the animal safely.

If you see it, call the Plymouth Police Department 860-589-7779 or call 911.

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