Search of Hartford Chicken Restaurant Leads to Several Arrests

An investigation into a man suspected of drugs and firearms violations let to a raid on a Hartford chicken restaurant where police found Molly marijuana and more. And police said that was just part of the investigation. 

Police said they investigated 25-year-old Pascious Minks over the last two months and searched several locations Wednesday, including New York Fried Chicken, at 2739 Main St. 

While searching the restaurant, police found 15 clear vials of MDMA, or Molly, suboxone film, 5.5 ounces of marijuana, 173 pills of Oxycodone and other controlled substances, $2,338 in cash and more. 

Police said they also conducted a raid on Mary Shepard Place and found several guns, including two assault weapons; three pounds of marijuana; 497 pills, including Oxycodone; and $4,300 in cash. 

Police said Minks has been arrested several times before and his bond was set at a combined $1.25 million. 

Police said they made additional arrests outside New York Fried Chicken when the saw drug deals in the driveway and one suspect ran from a vehicle, clutching a gun in the waist of his pants. 

When police caught up with him, the man grabbed threw the gun over the fence and into a nearby yard, police said, and officers located it. 

The man was taken into custody after a brief struggle and sustained minor injuries, police said. 

Andrew Simpson, 25, of Hartford, was arrested and charged with carrying pistol without a permit, weapons in motor vehicle, high-capacity magazine and interfering with police. 

Andrew Harris, 24, of Hartford, was charged with weapons in motor vehicle, drug factory, possession of controlled substance, possession with intent to sell marijuana, operating on a suspended license, unregistered motor vehicle and misuse registration plates. 

Tyquan Jiles, 19, of Hartford, was charged with weapons in a motor vehicle, drug factory, possession of a controlled substance and possession of marijuana with intent to sell. 

Shane Coletosh, 23, of Hartford, was charged with possession of a controlled substance and possession of marijuana with intent to sell.

While converging on New York Fried Chicken, police also found a vehicle they believe is connected to a shooting.

The driver sped directly at officers who tried to stop the car and led police on a chase that ended on Allen Road in Bloomfield, at which point two people ran from the car and into the woods, police said. Officers caught up with both of them. 

Chan Williams-Bey, 22, of Hartford, was charged with reckless driving, engaging police in a pursuit, operating an unregistered vehicle, no insurance, misuse of a registration, no operator’s license, interfering with police and more. 

Paul Clark, 23, of Hartford, was charged with interfering with police. 

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