Search Underway After Man Falls Into Willimantic River

Getty Images

A search is underway after a man fell into the Willimantic River early Saturday morning.

Officers were notified that a 29-year-old man had fallen into the Willimantic River near Bridge Street around 3:45 a.m.

Preliminary investigation revealed that the man accidentally fell into the river and someone was with him at the time, authorities said.

The area that the man fell in was deep with an extremely fast moving current, investigators said. Officers deployed their drone within the first hour and several passes of the river down an approximate 1.5 mile stretch were conducted throughout the morning with no results, they added.

First responders were also deployed on both sides of the river down the same stretch.

"Our efforts have been hampered by the amount of rainfall in the past 24 hours in conjunction with the snow melting and the now freezing temps," police said in part in a release on Saturday afternoon.

"Some of the trails on the side of the river that were once walkable are now flooded over," they continued.

According to authorities, the location of the man is unknown at this time. The search is ongoing.

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