Wind Advisory Set for Tuesday: Low Temps, Wind Chills

Wind chills near zero possible

A wind advisory has been issued for northern parts of the state for Tuesday.

Wind chill temperatures could touch zero for a time on Tuesday morning.

"It’s probably going to really freeze your hands if you don’t wear gloves or freeze your ears," 9-year-old Matthew Stoner of West Hartford told NBC Connecticut.

Gusts should reach 40 mph on Tuesday. The threshold for isolated power outages in the winter is 50 mph, so while outages are unlikely, a few towns could have a handful of homes and business in the dark.

"I can feel all the little holes in my pants, where all the weave is," Morgan Taylor of Hartford said. "You can feel that there is little spaces there and it goes right to the skin."

Tuesday also features a blend of clouds and sunshine with air temperatures in the 20s. Wind chills will be in the teens.

Lots of sunshine is expected Wednesday and Thursday.

Lower 30s for highs are expected Wednesday through Friday.

For the Hartford area, it's the dead of winter based on averages. The average high is 34 and the average low is 17.

“It’s January!" Kathleen Keating of Simsbury said."I don’t know what we were expecting, right?"

The state is free of major weather disruptions until late this week. Read more on the storm potential here.

Dan Corcoran contributed to this report.

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