Second Super Draw Lottery Drawing Planned Due to Error in Range of Tickets

There will be a second drawing for the New Year’s Day Super Draw after 100,000 ticket numbers were not included in the drawing because of a human error, according to the Connecticut Lottery.

“Due to an error in the range of tickets eligible for the Super Draw drawing, a second drawing will take place shortly,” the CT Lottery posted on its website.

Anyone who bought a ticket is urged to hold onto them because all tickets sold are eligible to win. The tickets cost $10.

“Our goal, first and foremost, is to make our players whole. In order to do so, a second drawing will take place shortly that includes the corrected ticket number range. All winning tickets from both drawings will be honored,” Lottery interim president and CEO, Chelsea Turner said in a statement Monday.

Tickets went on sale Sunday, Oct. 15 and were sold until they ran out or until 2 a.m. on Monday, whenever came first.

“The CT Super Draw drawing was overseen by both the Department of Consumer Protection as well as an independent auditor, Marcum, LLC. These layers of protection are put in place to mitigate against mistakes and to make sure the drawing rules and procedures are correctly followed. However, there is a human element that is not always perfect. There will be an internal investigation that carefully reviews whether the proper protocols were followed and if not, appropriate action will be taken,” Turner said. 

The CT Lottery is hoping to hold a second drawing as soon as possible and said the money for the second winning will be paid for using unclaimed winnings

Cashing in of the tickets has been temporarily suspended while the CT Lottery Corporation works to conduct an additional drawing. Please check the Lottery’s website for updated information as it becomes available.

"Our Gaming Division will be reviewing the policies and procedures put in place for this drawing, and will place heightened scrutiny on procedures for future drawings in order to ensure they are conducted appropriately. We encourage consumers to hold on to tickets they purchased for today's drawing as winning numbers from two drawings will be honored by the Connecticut Lottery," the state's Department of Consumer Protection said in a statement. 

Anyone who may have discarded their ticket should send an email to the CT Lottery and they will investigate the claim. 

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