Second Suspect Linked to Missing Sterling Teen's Death Arrested

Police have arrested a second suspect linked to the stabbing and killing a Sterling teen who went missing last month.

Dustin Warren, 18, of Sterling, was arrested Friday and charged with tampering with evidence, hindering prosecution and interfering with a police officer.

The other suspect, Kevin Weismore, 19, was previously arrested and charged with the murder of 18-year-old Todd Jeremiah, or TJ, Allen. The arrest warrant said Weismore told police that he planned on selling marijuana to Allen and stabbed him after Allen pulled out a gun. 

Police said they have not found a gun and Allen's mother, Christina Moses, said she doesn't believe her son ever owned one. 

Allen had been reported missing just after 7:30 p.m. on Dec. 26 when he did not return home after leaving home to go dirt biking. Earlier this month, state police said they found Allen's body not far from Weismore's home. 

Police obtained a search warrant for Allen's phone and records showed the last known location was in the area of Laiho Road, Margaret Henry Road and Sawmill Hill Road in Sterling, according to the arrest warrant.

Weismore went on to tell police that he met up with Allen to sell marijuana to him, but Allen took a gun from his backpack, pointed it at the ground, said he did not have the money, then pointed the gun at him, according to the arrest warrant.  

According to police, Weismore gave detectives information that led them to Allen's body in a wooded area near 61 Laiho Road. 

“I knifed TJ, stabbing him in the stomach once using my right hand, and then stabbing him in the neck a few times. I stabbed him in the neck once and he kept moving so I did it a couple more times,” Weismore’s statement to police reads, according to the warrant.

The statement goes on to say that Weismore dragged Allen’s body behind a rock pile to hide it, then threw the gun off a cliff. Weismore also said he burned all his clothing, according to police.

The warrant said Weismore admitted to a friend what he’d done the next day and that friend helped him dump Allen’s dirt bike into a pond in Killingly.

Warren's bond was set at $125,000 and he is due in court today. 

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