School Officials, Police Investigate Second Threat Involving Wallingford Schools

A second threat involving Wallingford schools was reported on Friday night, just hours after a high school student was arrested for allegedly posting an alarming message on Snapchat.

School officials said a disturbing message was posted on Snapchat on Friday night and the administration immediately reported it to police. Officers are investigating the threat.

Any student who is involved in the threat will not be allowed on school property and the administration plans to work with the Board of Education to ensure the matter is handled in a serious and swift manner, according to the Superintendent of Schools Salvatore Menzo.

Earlier in the day on Friday, school officials said a high school student was arrested after an investigation into an alarming message that was posted on Snapchat overnight.

Menzo said in an email that police were notified overnight about a message from someone who "expressed his annoyance with Lyman Hall High School." Police were notified and the student was identified and arrested at his home.

The student was charged with breach of peace and he is not allowed on school property.

School officials are encouraging parents to talk to their children about the seriousness of making threats or posting disturbing photos online.

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