Security Top Priority at Summer Events in New Haven

Before the latest terror attack in Manchester, England, following an Ariana Grande concert, organizers for major summer events in New Haven were focused on security.

While organizers work with local, state and federal law enforcement to secure these events, Mayor Toni Harp has a message for anyone coming to New Haven this summer.

"If you see something that doesn’t look right to you, let our police department know let officials know so we can take care of it," Harp said. 

The suicide bombing that killed 22 and injured more than 50 people outside the Manchester Arena after the Ariana Grande concert is the latest in a series of terrorist attacks on a large crowd at a vulnerable soft target.

"Even the ones that escaped will have this trauma for the rest of their lives," Harp said. "It’s terrible."

Security is a top priority for Connecticut Open Tournament Director Anne Worcester.

"It’s a very, very important part of putting on a large scale international sporting event," Worcester said. "We take it very seriously."

Worcester said high security standards need to be in place in order for the Connecticut Tennis Center at Yale to host the international women's tennis tournament.

"So there are security experts constantly in touch with us about things happening at sporting events and entertainment events around the world, all year long, including but not limited to the tragedy last night and it’s so heartbreaking," Worcester said.

Before New Haven welcomes tennis fans in August, thousands of people will attend events during the three-week International Festival of Arts and Ideas in June.

"The New Haven Police Department and our office is in constant touch with the FBI," said Chad Herzog, the interim co-chair of the International Festival of Arts and Ideas.

The sharing of information among local, state and federal law enforcement happens daily, Harp said.

"We know of no threats at this time," the mayor said. "That should one arise we’ll be prepared."

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