Security Increased for Manchester Road Race

Manchester Police say spectators and participants in the 79th Annual Manchester Road Race could expect a beefed up security presence on Thanksgiving Day.

Captain Christopher Davis told NBC Connecticut that the department will have an increased presence. He said all officers would be on duty on race day.

He said the race presents a challenge for law enforcement because it often resembles a party or concert instead of simply a running event.

“We’re trying to balance the security of the event with the fun, festive, atmosphere that the race is known for" he said.

Race organizers have already told participants and spectators that pets (including those on leashes) and strollers will not be allowed on the race route.

The course is 4.748 miles long and makes a loop, starting and finishing on Main Street.

Police say if they see any bags unattended along the route, they will be thrown away.

“Any bags left unattended will be discarded for security and we don’t want any unsecured bags just laying along the race route.”

With tens of thousands of people descending on Manchester for the tradition of the Road Race, police say they're ready for all of the challenges that may present themselves.

"An event this scale on its own there’s a magnitude of planning that goes on throughout the year on an every year basis and we adjust things based on current events and things like that but everybody going there should expect to be safe,” Davis said.

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