Security Measures in Hartford Remain Intact As Inauguration Approaches

Connecticut State Capitol police and the National Guard are continuing surveillance protocols in downtown Hartford over the next several days.

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On the heels of the attack on the U.S Capitol and with just days away from President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration, law enforcement across the country is taking no chances with safety and security. 

"We’re gonna have a high visibility, we’re going to be out here protecting democracy and protecting our buildings," said Scott Driscoll, public information officer for the Connecticut State Capitol police.

In downtown Hartford over the next several days Connecticut State Capitol police along with the National Guard are continuing surveillance protocols put in place this past weekend to monitor the Capitol area and other state and federal buildings.

"I think this weekend we showed that if we take prevention instead of reaction good things can happen because we didn’t have any rest this weekend we are nobody get hurt," Driscoll said.

He said the public has been a great help.

"The Connecticut state police have received a lot of tips when it comes to safety and they're always looked into it, and if we learned something new we can adapt and adjust very easily I am very quickly to those."

NBC Connecticut spoke with Brian Foley with the public safety commissioner’s office on Sunday. He emphasized that members of law enforcement are pleased that this weekend’s protest remained peaceful, but aren’t letting their guard down.

"It’s an insurance policy against the credibility of law enforcement it’s an insurance policy for state government and the Integrity and everything we do here, said Foley.

It isn’t just law enforcement taking the precautions. From now until January 21, the United States Postal Service will seal or remove select Postal Service collection boxes in Hartford - with the USPS releasing this statement:

"It’s part of our normal procedures to keep our employees and customers safe during times of protest or when large crowds are gathered near postal facilities, on postal routes, or by mailboxes."


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