Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Fails to Propel

(Correction: Aug. 24, 2017, 4:07 p.m.) NBC Connecticut’s original report inaccurately reflected Nardozzi as the person who purchased the lawn mower, implying his lawn mower had a problem and he worked with the business to resolve it. The faulty lawn mower was, in fact, purchased by his daughter and she was the primary contact with the business. Revisions are reflected accordingly.

Watertown homeowner Bill Nardozzi and his daughter Sarah had two requirements when they bought their new lawn mowers: they needed to be self-propelled and sold locally.

Their first step was going to Little River Power Equipment in Oxford.

"They were the only local dealer that would handle Honda," Nardozzi said.

Nardozzi and his daughter each bought their lawn mowers separately, and he says the self-propelled mechanism on his daughter’s mower didn’t work from day one. Soon after, he and his daughter returned it to Little River hoping for a replacement.

"It’s only eight days old," Nardozzi said. "It’s not like you've used it several times."

In fact, it was the self-propelled feature that drew them each to the $722 mowers.

Little River’s owner offered to replace the transmission, as covered under warranty, but since it was brand new, that didn’t sit well with Nardozzi or his daughter.

His daughter called Little River to ask if she had any other options.

"Honda says it’s up to the retailer," Nardozzi said. "The retailer says Honda just goes by their warranty. They stick you in the middle. Unless you stand up for yourself, you’re not going to get the right solution to your problem."

Following NBC Connecticut’s initial report, Little River elaborated that they contacted Honda about the problem and Honda had to make the decision on how to resolve it.

The right solution for Nardozzi’s daughter involved either a full refund or a new mower.

"Neither of those things happened, so we reached out to (NBC Connecticut Responds),” Nardozzi said.

Soon after, Nardozzi’s daughter received the same, brand new, self-propelled mower and some peace of mind.

"We need a voice," Nardozzi said. “And (NBC Connecticut Responds) gave us that voice and we’re so thankful.”

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