Senator Chris Murphy: ‘Trump Scares the Hell Out of Me'

In no uncertain terms, Senator Chris Murphy provided his personal feelings on the prospect of Donald Trump winning the presidency just hours after finished his speech at the Demcratic National Convention. 

"Donald Trump scares the hell out of me," Murphy said.

Murphy went a step further and said he could see Americans losing their lives as a result of Trump's ascent to the nation’s highest office.

"I think he'll get people killed the way that he's prepared to walk away from our alliances all over the world. I think he'll get people killed here in our country because of his insistence on putting guns in our schools. I just am very worried about this nation if Donald Trump becomes president."

Murphy spoke on the penultimate night of the convention about the need for stricter gun controls, specifically more stringent background checks, and the need to prevent anyone on a terror watch list from being able to purchase a gun.

The senator said he fears for what a Trump administration’s gun policies may look like.

Trump has promised that on his first day in office he will unwind all of President Obama's work to make our background check system safer and he will ban "gun-free school zones.”

Thursday night is the final evening of the DNC where Hillary Clinton will formally accept the party’s nomination for president.

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