September 2015 One of the Warmest on Record So Far

September 2015 will go into the record books as a very warm month in the Hartford area.

While there are still a few days to go, it is likely that the month will fall within the top five warmest Septembers in recorded history. Climatological records go back to 1905 in the Hartford area.

Through Sept. 24, this month ranks as the warmest September in 110 years of record-keeping.

The average monthly temperature, which is an average of the high and low temperatures for each day of the month, is currently 69.9 degrees. But it will go down.

The forecast highs through the rest of the month are near 70 degrees, while the forecast lows aren't from from 50 degrees. That means the average temperature for the final days of September will be near 60 degrees, which is lower than the overall monthly average of 69.9 degrees.

So, September 2015 will likely loose its top spot for warmest September in 110 years, but it will still go down as a toasty month.

After all, the first September heat wave since 1983 occurred early in the month and there were a total of five 90-degree days. Sept. 8, 2015 was also the warmest day of the year with a high temperature of 96 degrees.

This year has seen plenty of temperature extremes. February was the coldest month in recorded history, and May was the warmest since 1905.

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