Serial Burglars Used Social Media to Find Homes: Glastonbury Police

Glastonbury police have arrested two people accused of breaking into at least six homes, and say the suspects used social media to pick their targets.

Police said 29-year-old Melissa Hafey and 33-year-old Daniel Taylor, both from Hartford, face larceny, criminal mischief and burglary charges. They also face two counts of firearm theft, indicating they stole two guns.

Snooping on random people is as easy as going on popular social media websites and searching for things like, “People who live in Glastonbury, Connecticut.”

“I don’t friend anyone,” said Glastonbury resident Ghada Gabriel. “[I try] to keep my media thing limited to friends and family and then if I’m away I never say, like, ‘I’m away.’”

Glastonbury police advise everyone do the same.

Be aware of privacy settings, and know that they can be changed.

Other potentially dangerous habits include publicly posting locations and revealing details of vacations in real-time, indicating when the house is empty.

As for Hafey and Taylor, they were both already incarcerated when they were arrested for these charges. They are being held on a $750,000 bond. 

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