2 Electrocuted, Killed in South Windsor Constuction Accident

The owner of a South Windsor construction company and an employee died this morning after being electrocuted in a construction accident, according to South Windsor Police Chief Matthew Reed.

The victims have been identified as Lloyd Folsom, Jr., 55, the owner of Folsom Construction, and 22-year-old employee Connor Betts.

Both men were on company property at 140 Rye Street when the accident occurred, police said.

Witnesses said the dump truck went up into live wires after Betts reportedly raised the big rig to clean out snow that had accumulated.

"The driver had exited the vehicle and made contact with his energized truck and was stricken and went down," said South Windsor Police Lt. Scott Custer.

Folsom then jumped out of a pickup truck and rushed to Betts' assistance, but he too touched the big rig and was electrocuted.

Police said the two men suffered electical burns and shock, according to police.

A customer of Andrews Oil Company saw sparks from the wire and mentioned it to a company employee, who called 911.

A police officer was on private duty nearby with Connecticut Light & Power and the crew responded, according to South Windsor Police. They were able to cut power and allow rescuers to treat the victims. 

Folsom was taken to hospital by ambulance and Betts was transported by LifeStar, but medics were unable to save either man. Police said just before 2 p.m. that both men have died.

Police are investigating, crews from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and Metro Traffic Services are responding as well.

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