Session Ends Without a Budget Agreement

Here are some of the bills that did pass.

Connecticut state lawmakers worked until midnight, but ended the session with unfinished business, including a budget. 

Lawmakers said last week that they would not come to an agreement in time and decided that their new deadline to come up with a budget compromise is June 30, which is the end of the fiscal year. 

At the last minute, lawmakers breathed new life into lockbox legislation that aims to protect transportation funds from being spent on other projects. Since that will require a constitutional amendment, voters will have to decide whether to approve it during the next statewide election.  

The House also gave final approval to a plan to bury parts of Interstate 84 and Interstate 91 in underground in tunnels.  

Legislation also passed to allow a third casino to be built in East Windsor.  

Lawmakers also agreed to update the way the government refers to older adults and people with disabilities, including changing language such as “elderly” to “older person” and “deaf” to “hearing impaired.” 

What did not pass was a protection of women’s health benefits if the Affordable Care Act is overhauled. The legislation passed the Senate unanimously, but was pulled off the floor of the House after one lawmaker tried to amend the measure with an abortion-related proposal.

The session also wrapped up without the passage of bills to create tolls, give college aid to students of undocumented workers and legalize the use of recreational marijuana. 

While lawmakers hope to have a budget passed by June 30, the end of the fiscal year, some said it could take much longer for both sides to come to an agreement on how to cover the multi-billion-dollar deficit.

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