Seven Carpenters to Sue Over Power Plant Explosion

Telemundo San Antonio

Seven carpenters will file a lawsuit on Tuesday over injuries suffered in the 620-megawatt power plant explosion in Middletown on Feb. 7.

Stratton Faxon Law Firm is filing a lawsuit on Tuesday on behalf of six men and one woman, the law firm said in a release. The suits claims O & G Industries, Inc., Keystone Construction & Maintenance Services, Inc., and Kleen Energy Systems, LLC failed to contain the natural gas being purged from the massive gas lines and negligently allowed gas to escape, becoming ignited and causing the massive explosion.

Six people were killed as a result of the explosion.

All six plaintiffs are union workers of Local 24 and worked in close proximity to the plant when the explosion happened and sustained serious injuries, including head trauma from the concussive forces of the blast, the lawyers claim.

Elvira Gonzalez, of Groton; James Thompson II, of Colchester; Robert Edwards, of Preston; Ned Remondi, of Norwich; Salvatore Candelora, of Meriden; Wayne Bosquet, of Norwich; and Oluf Olsen, of Waterford, were injured during the blast, according to the suit. Thompson’s wife, Carol Thompson; Edwards’ wife, Dory Edwards; Remondi’s wife, Laurie Remondi; and Candelora’s wife, Debra Candelora; are also named as plaintiffs for “loss of consortium, affection and services from her husband as a result of the defendants’ negligence.” 

“It was like being in a war zone,” Attorney Joel T. Faxon of Stratton Faxon said. “In the immediate aftermath of the explosion, these were the folks first on the scene, selflessly rendering assistance to anyone who may still be alive. They witnessed a lot of human carnage ... the horrific memories of that day will stay with these workers forever.”

Attorney Paul T. Edwards said there was " a substantial break-down in safety procedures at the time in question.”

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