Homeless Sex Offender: There's No Address to Register

A convicted sex offender says he can't register his address with the state because he doesn't have one. He's homeless.

Brian Atherton, 49, told a Superior Court judge on Tuesday that he simply cannot comply with state law because he has been living in a tent in the woods, the Waterbury Republican-American reports.

Atherton was convicted in 1984 of first-degree sexual assault for the rape of a college student.  He was arrested in Wolcott over the weekend and was released on a written promise to appear, which he did on Tuesday.

According to his listing on the sex offender registry, he's listed as homeless and he last verified that with the state in August 2008. 

The judge said a non-compliant sex offender couldn't be left "wandering around in the woods." He was placed in handcuffs and brought to a prison cell.

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