Pedophilia is “Human Nature,” Sex Offender Says

Before Jeffrey Brisson, 30, was sentenced Friday to 45 years in prison and 25 years of special parole for the sexual assault of children who had been placed in his care, he defended pedophilia as “human nature” and railed against a society he said just does not understand.

He read calmly from what appeared to be a prepared statement and said our culture refuses to acknowledge that everyone has deep-seeded feelings of pedophilia and lust for children. 

Most people fantasize about having sex with children, he said, further defending his actions by mentioning child beauty pageants.

He continued to argue about the “ignorance of the system that legislates human nature.”

The judge said that should Brisson ever be free, he would have to be monitored almost constantly. He will also be on the sex-offender registry.

In our society, we have a responsibility to children to nurture and protect them and not engage in adult behavior before an adult age, the judge said.

Brisson and his roommate, Harold Spurling, became the target of an investigation in 2008, when middle school officials received a “tip” that “pedophiles” were operating nearby, according to the New Britain Herald.

In January 2008, police found evidence in the men's New Britain apartment that they sexually assaulted several victims, police said.   

The youngest victim was 3-months-old, police said. The oldest was a 14-year-old, who police said had been the men’s victim for eight years, according to the Herald.

As police searched the apartment in January, they found evidence, including hard drives and memory cards with graphic pictures of children in the apartment and home videos of acts performed on children, police said.

In March 2008, police added 140 counts to the charges.

Brisson pleaded guilty in March to several counts of first-degree sexual assault and three counts of risk of injury to a minor.

Spurling, who also faces 60 related charges, rejected a plea deal in March is and scheduled to go to trial.

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