Nurse Practitioner Accused of Trying to Recruit Sex Slaves

Vernon police have accused a nurse practitioner who ran a family practice of trying to recruit a female patient to be his sex slave and for her infant daughter to also participate in sex acts.

Jay T. Mohler-Avery,  44, and Candace Merriam, 46, were arrested in October and police said they arranged to pick up the 18-month-old baby for sex.

A warrant was unsealed in Superior Court in Rockville on Tuesday.

Mohler-Avery, a nurse practitioner in Vernon who operated CT Family Care LLC, is in jail, charged with conspiracy to commit sexual assault, attempted risk of injury to a minor and additional charges.

An unidentified woman contacted police and said Mohler-Avery expressed an interest in her 18-month-old daughter and asked her to bring the infant to him so he could "break her in early."

It wasn't known on Wednesday morning if he's represented by a lawyer.

Mohler-Avery also was charged with larceny and insurance fraud for allegedly billing Medicaid without providing services.

The new allegations surfaced when case reports and warrants were unsealed.

The Hartford Courant reports that the patient went to police after Mohler-Avery tried to recruit her and her four young children, including her infant daughter, to live with him on a "compound" in Maine.

She told officers that she was"playing along" to get more information.

Merriam worked as Mohler-Avery's personal assistant and is accused of being involved in criminal activity, according to Vernon police. 

On the night police made the arrests, Mohler-Avery arranged for Merriam to pick up the child with the intention of then bringing the baby to him for sex, according to Vernon police.

When Merriam arrived at the Vernon location, police were waiting for her, police said. 

Police arrested Mohler-Avery at his Hartford home and said they seized evidence.

Merriam and Mohler-Avery have been in jail since the arrests and Mohler-Avery's nursing license was suspended on Nov. 6.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Vernon Police at (860) 872-9126.

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