Sheep Carcasses Found in Middletown

Students were working on a horror movie when they found the remains.

Some Wesleyan University students made a gruesome discovery while shooting a horror movie at an abandoned house in Middletown on Wednesday.

As they were working on their class project, they noticed a foul smell and found bags containing the carcases of 26 sheep.

"We would be the people to find the weird stuff happening in Middletown," Malik Ben-Salahuddin, a member of the Wesleyan class of 2012, said.

The bags were found at an abandoned house on River Road, according to Ray Connors, the Chief State Animal Control Officer.

Inside the bags were entrails, fleece and the heads of the sheep.  The remains were most likely the renderings from a slaughter, Connors said.

The sheep carcasses were tagged and officials believe they will be able to trace them to determine where they came from, Connors said.

Agents from the Department of Agriculture and the the State Animal Control division were called in to investigate.

What is surprising to the officials is the unusually large number of carcasses found.

It is illegal to dump a slaughtered animal in this manner, so criminal charges are possible once police determine who is responsible for leaving them on the land.

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