Police Search for Clues in Shooting of Shelton Teen

A Shelton teen is still fighting for his life after he was shot over the weekend, and police are trying to figure out who pulled the trigger and why.

Investigators went back to Agawam Trail on Tuesday to search for clues about the shooting of 15-year-old Kristjan Ndoj.

“It’s rough for everyone we're all a family at Shelton,” said his friend Joseph Gjidoda-Ostertag.

Some of his classmates at Shelton High School told NBC Connecticut, the sophomore was still on life support at Bridgeport Hospital. “It’s really hurting us,” added Gjidoda-Ostertag.

According to police, Ndoj rode his bike to a friend’s place on Saturday and was shot twice in the driveway that night. The shooter may have opened fire from the woods across the street to be concealed.

Police are investigating several theories about the incident, one of which includes a possible death threat that was made against Ndoj a few days earlier. Authorities said a girl’s boyfriend could be behind it.

“For Albanians, it’s tough," explained Gjidoda-Ostertag. "We are always together.”

The members of Ndoj’s Albanian community wanted answers. No arrests have been made, and police would not say if they're any closer to finding the person responsible.

“Right now everybody’s in shock… Who is going to hurt a little boy like that?” said Qerim Dumani, adding that the teen’s family is struggling to comprehend the situtation. “They're in shock they don't know what to do... He would not hurt a fly. That little boy would not hurt a fly."

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