Shh! Metro-North Adds Quiet Cars

Turn the cell phone volume off and prepare for a quiet ride.

Getty Images

If it's quieter than usual on your Metro-North train this morning, it might be because the "quiet car" program expanded as of Monday morning.

Cell phones are banned on 18 trains operating between Grand Central and Danbury, Waterbury and New Haven, and you must use headphones with MP3 players, disable sound features on computers & other electronic devices and hold conversations in a subdued voice.

During the morning peak, the last car of the trains is designated a quiet car.

During the evening peak, the first car of the train is designated a quiet car.

If the test goes well, a permanent system could be in place by April, according to Metro-North.

Conductors will be handing out “Shhhhhh” cards on an “as needed basis.” They explain the rules of etiquette in English and Spanish.

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