Shh! No Talking While Driving – On Cell Phones

National group wants to ban all cell phones while driving, even hands-free

If you want to talk to someone while you're driving, he or she had better already be in the car if a national organization gets its way.

The National Safety Council want to ban all cell phone use, even hands-free devices, in Connecticut.

Current law bans handheld devices. It legislation passed in 2005 and was followed by months of heavy enforcement.

Drivers’ reaction to for a complete cell phone ban while driving is mixed.
“I think some people still can't focus on the roads. So it’s probably better off without it,” Lloyd Mitchell, of West Haven, said.

“What if, like say you have a family emergency and you're driving and there's no place to pull off. You’ve got to have a way to pick it up,” James D'Amico, of West Haven, said.

National Safety Council representatives acknowledges it might take several years for this ban to come into action. Group officials are also aware that if it ever does pass, it would be difficult to enforce.

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