Shipbuilder at Electric Boat Tested Positive for Coronavirus

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A shipbuilder for Electric Boat has tested positive for COVID-19.

A statement on the company’s website says the shipbuilder, who works in Groton, has not been in the shipyard since March 9, has been recuperating at home in quarantine and felt better on March 17.

According to the company, a test for COVID 19 was administered on March 19 and the results were provided Tuesday afternoon.

“We appreciate that this individual stayed home and put the health and welfare of their teammates first when they were not feeling well. We are evaluating our medical protocol to determine when this individual will be allowed to return to work,” Kevin Graney, president of Electric Boat, said in a statement online.

Electric Boat said they are contacting employees who work near the person or who came into close contact with the individual.

See the full statement here.

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