Shoppers Adjust Their Big Game Party Planning

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Gearing up to party for Super Bowl weekend. People all across the state are getting their groceries for the parties that are to come. It comes while the price of most groceries have gone up, but some party staple prices have gone down from last year.

Theo Sevilla is busy inspecting chicken wings for his upcoming super bowl party. To him, variety is a key.

“A buffet of chicken wings for all the guys. Garlic parmesan, honey barbeque and some sriracha, sweet and spicy wings.”

The same could be said for Annamarie Beaulieu who got them for her husband.

“He wanted wings and short of going online everywhere else where they sold wings, we came to Stew Leonard’s,” she said.

The Stew Leonard’s in Newington filled with people getting their party shopping done. The manager says this is one of the busiest times for her store in terms of sales.

“We’re going to sell about 40,000 pounds of chicken wings this weekend. People have been coming through the doors since 7 a.m,” Jennifer Polaski, Stew Leonard’s manager, said.

Research from Wells Fargo shows prices of certain items like beer and soft drinks have gone up 11 percent and 25 percent respectively.

However, some items like chicken wing prices have actually gone down from last year from $3.38 a pound to $2.65 a pound.

Beaulieu says this year, they’ll be scaling back their super bowl party to just herself and her husband.

“It’s just going to be the two of us, so margaritas and wings. That’s going to be the party this year,” she said.

But for Sevilla, he’s going to go all out for his party saying this is the time spend some cash.

“If there is an adjustment, we’re going to have our wing buffet, but we’re going to now have since spending that kind of money on chicken wings, we’re going to get some steaks too,” he said.

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