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Shopping Plazas Busy the Day After Christmas

Post-holiday deals, returns and exchanges drew people to shopping centers Saturday.

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While much has changed this holiday season, some things remain very familiar. Shopping centers were busy the day after Christmas.

Searching for bargains, shoppers first had to hunt for parking spots Saturday. Malls and retail-outlets saw heavy volume as people sought post-Christmas sales.

“They’ve got a lot of markdowns,” explained Tom Neal who was shopping at a West Hartford electronics store.

“This is my second time coming back here,” he said.

Bargain hunters weren’t alone. The National Retail Federation expects around 10% of all merchandise purchased for the holidays will be returned or exchanged.

Chris Flemming of Unionville was among those exchanging items but admits while there, he was also looking for a deal.

“I’m hoping,” said Flemming, “that’s the plan.”

While shopping centers looked a lot like they have in Christmas past, people all around say the holiday itself was very different.

“It was sad,” admits Elvie Rich of West Hartford. Rich said she was thankful for Zoom and FaceTime.

Not everyone though, thought this Christmas was sad.

“This Christmas was actually absolutely fabulous,” said Sophia Tetteh.

Tetteh was among the shoppers on Saturday. Unlike most though, she cherished this Christmas after being hospitalized and nearly dying of COVID-19 earlier this year.

“To be able to be alive and to be with my family is actually the greatest thing that ever happened to me,” she said.

As for the shopping, Tetteh and her family were picking up some new electronics. But for her and her family, the best holiday deal available is her health.

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