Shoreline Towns Prepare For Coastal Flooding

Towns along the coast are not only eyeing the skies but watching the shoreline as well.

While it was a beautiful mid-winter day in Old Saybrook with light wind, sunshine and a calm Long Island Sound, the town could look very different tomorrow with predictions of 6 inches of snow or more, potentially damaging winds and coastal flooding.

"We’re looking at our staffing models to make sure that we have enough staff on hand to respond on hand to respond to any type of emergency that could happen during the storm," said Old Saybrook Police Chief Michael Spera.

Snow could start falling tomorrow morning and will ramp up as the day goes on, bringing with it unusually high tides..

"We worry because in our neighborhood we’ve had a number of people get flooded from Sandy. A foot or so in our basement. One house it came up to the first floor," Said Judy and Pete Zucco of Old Saybrook," said Judy and Pete Zucco of Old Saybrook.

"It’s not in anyone’s best interest to be driving around in the storm, come to the beach to watch the storm surge so we ask no one to create an emergency, public safety is busy as we can during storms," said Chief Spera.

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